Spring Bling!

SpringBlingIf you’ve seen many of my cards, you probably realize that I am a big fan of paper flowers. I snatched up as many of the Flower & Sparkle Embellishment packs as I could when they were briefly available in August, and now that they’re back (for a limited time–get yours quick!), I’m SUPER excited to share the thirteen card designs I put together with the Spring Flower & Sparkle Embellishments, Bright Designer Cardstock, and Strut Your Stuff Slide-in Pack.

I used all 32 flowers, about half of the gems, half a pack (5 sheets) of cardstock, and a few cards from the Strut Your Stuff slide-in pack. Oh, and there’s also a sheet of Flower Cards Sentiments (font: Monterey BT) that I printed out from my computer.

Wait, what? 32 flowers? Aren’t there only 30 flowers in that pack? Um, yeah, technically I guess that is true, but I wanted to get every bit of floweriness out of that pack, so you’ll see on the card with the blue chevron pattern that I actually used the flowers and gem that were a decoration on the packaging. (Sheepish grin…)

If you don’t have this particular pack of flowers, you could make similar cards with the Pastel Flower & Sparkle Embellishments and the Pastel Designer Cardstock OR pull together some cute cards with the Elegant Flower & Sparkle Embellishments and sheets from the Shades of Red and/or Neutral Designer Cardstock. These flowers and gems look GREAT with lots of the beautiful CM cardstock colors.12inCardCuts

You’ll want to start out by cutting and folding each of your papers into card bases. First, cut each of your five sheets so they look like the picture to the right. The 12-inch Straight Trimmer is GREAT for measuring and making these cuts!

From each sheet you cut, you’ll then fold both of the 5.5X8 pieces in half to make a total of ten 5.5X4 card bases. You’ll also take the 12X4 pieces of yellow, orange, and blue cardstock and fold these in half to form three more card bases of 6X4. (FYI, I chose the card sizes of 5.5X4 and 6X4 because they fit nicely in standard envelope sizes, A2 and A6.)

Here’s a folding tip: Use your Multipurpose Tool and the grid on the 12-inch Straight Trimmer to measure and score the cardstock at the halfway point before you fold your cards—this will help you get a nice, straight fold! You can also use these tools together when you’re making rosettes or other doing other paper folding projects.

See my earlier post Chevrons for instructions on how to punch and space the chevron pieces.

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