The Flexible Be Bold and Flourish F2F Album

I wasn’t always a great fan of predesigned album pages. When I’m scrapbooking, I enjoy the creative process.

But because I AM a fan of finished albums I love how speedy it is to make an album using Fast2Fab (F2F) predesigned pages!

For my honeymoon album, I decided to use the Be Bold and Flourish F2F pages, plus a few other things. I wanted to get this album DONE (my honeymoon happened over a year ago), but I also wanted to be creative and flexible with the predesigned pages. And I found that there are actually lots of ways to use F2F pages in the album without necessarily following the “prescribed” page order and combinations!


  • 22 pages (front and back=44)
  • 94 photos (plus LOTS of memorabilia)
  • 10-12 hours spent on the album over the course of a month (including organizing photos, arranging all my pages, embellishing, and journaling)
  • $100 retail cost for ALL consumable supplies (including all embellishments and about half a Tape Runner refill; not including other tools)


Other Tools Used

Here’s how I did this album:

  1. Select photos to print–not too hard, since we didn’t take THAT many pics on our trip–and print them out.
  2. Group pictures and memorabilia into logical sets–for this album, I basically followed the chronology of the trip. For most 2-page spreads, I wanted between 3 and 6 photos. But for some sets there were more than that, so I knew this was something I’d have to think more about.
  3. Take all the F2F pages out and look at different ways the pages might go together, besides the order they come in the package. (For a preview of all the pages “in order” go here.) Some of the pages looked like they would go well upside down. 🙂
  4. Start placing my sets with the F2F pages they worked well with. To decide what worked well together, I looked at colors in the papers and the photos, number of photo spaces on the page, and also what would come before and after each set. I had a loose idea of what I wanted, but I had this pesky problem of too much stuff (photos and memorabilia) for the number of F2F pages in the package.
  5. Grab a couple slide-in pages of each type (full sheet and multi-pocket) and extra white pages to accommodate the extra stuff and slide them in the right places between other pages.
  6. Decide which pages/pictures needed slide-in cards (which I mainly used for journaling) and additional paper for backgrounds.
  7. Start adhering things in place!
  8. Make the front/title page.
  9. Journal and use ABC stickers throughout the book to add titles to important pages.
  10. Embellish . . . a bit.

(Not all pages in the album are pictured.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I forgot to include this before, but the Eiffel Tower on the first page was based on an idea from fellow advisor, Deborah Gonzalez–I wanted to be sure to give her credit for this fun idea!

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