Grandma’s Digital Photos

Once upon a time in a land not very far away, there lived a grandma who took lots of photos with her phone. She had photos of her dog, photos from vacations, photos taken during weddings and other family events, and (most importantly) photos of the cutest granddaughter ever. For two long years she snapped and shared and reviewed hundreds of photos each month on her trusty phone. Her phone was right there all the time, and it was so easy to use…why wouldn’t she take and store all her photos there?

Then one day, a HORRIBLE thing happened: the grandma accidentally deleted her ENTIRE “photos” folder from the phone!

Immediately, she called her tech-savvy daughter to walk her through recovering the photos. The two of them tried every trick they could think of and even took the phone to a special store that was supposed to be able to deal with things like this, but alas, the photos were gone forever.

To ensure that this didn’t happen again, the daughter helped the grandma to set her new photos to automatically sync to a cloud storage account. Nevertheless, the grandma mourned the loss of these photos. “If only I had known about cloud storage a week ago!” she lamented.

This is a silly rendition of actual events that really did happen to my mom earlier this year. Digital photos are wonderful in so many ways, but if we’re not printing them and backing them up (preferably in multiple places, just in case) we can literally lose them forever with the errant click of a button.

Diana talks about why we should print our photos on her blog this week (don’t worry—she doesn’t tell you to print every photo you ever take), and I love her discussion of photo albums as “a parent’s secret weapon” with their children.

Please make sure your digital photos are backed up today! And help your friends and family members to do the same with theirs.

Not sure where to start? Read a couple of these to find some ideas for ways to back up regularly and tools you might use:

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