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Happy Holidays!

I’ve been having a PACKED holiday season already, and there’s still more fun to come. I hope you’re also having a great season!

In honor of the return of CM’s CCS Circles and Ovals, I’m showing you how to make some cute paper rosettes that can be turned into ornaments or used as embellishments on cards and album pages.

Tools needed for this project:

Other supplies:

  • Christmas Joy Paper
  • Ribbon
  • A piece of cardboard or other surface that you can get hot glue on


  1. Punch the edge of your paper with the Border Maker and Picket Fence Cartridge. (Or don’t–you’ll see I did one of mine with a straight edge.)
  2. Cut your 12″ border strip or straight strip to the right width using the Straight Trimmer. For my smallest (oval) rosette, I trimmed to 1″ wide. For the medium-sized one, I used 1.5″. For the largest one, I used two strips, each one 2″ wide. (The wider your strip, the longer it needs to be to create a rosette.)
  3. Using the grid on the Straight Trimmer and a Multi-purpose Tool, score your strip at each place it will be folded. For the small and medium ones, I scored at each .25″ (every peak and valley of the Picket Fence border); for the large one I scored at each .5″ (every valley only of the Picket Fence border).
  4. Accordion fold (back and forth) the paper strip until you’ve folded at each of the score marks. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly even.
  5. Using Tape Runner, adhere the two ends of the folded strip together, overlapping .5″.For large rosettes that need two or more strips, adhere the ends of each piece together to make one large circle from the folded paper.
  6. Use the Custom Cutting System and smallest circle pattern to cut out the center pieces for your rosettes. You will need two for each of your rosettes. One of the awesome things about the CCS is that you can cut out so many different sizes from just one set of patterns with the three different colored blades. I used the red blade inside the pattern to cut circles for my largest rosette, the green blade inside the pattern to cut circles for my medium rosette, and the blue blade inside the pattern to cut circles for my smallest rosette.
  7. Now comes the tricky part: getting that unruly folded paper to sit nicely in a rosette shape so you can glue it all together! I recommend doing this part right where you’re going to do your gluing so you don’t have to move your pieces once you’ve got the paper in the shape you want. You basically have to gather and then force the middle part of the folded paper ring to stay in the middle. (I think the pictures show it better than I can explain in words.) For smaller rosettes, you can also use the inside circle or oval of your CCS pattern to help you shape your rosette–that’s how I got this nice oval shape without too much effort!
  8. Before you start hot gluing your rosette into its permanent shape, make sure you have a small piece of scrap paper covering up the bottom of the center hole of your rosette. This will make it much easier to move after the glue cools!
  9. Now you should be ready to glue. You basically want to fill up the center hole of the rosette with hot glue and hold it in place until the glue starts to set. Be careful not to burn your fingers!
  10. After that center glue has solidified pretty well (it should be strong enough that it won’t allow the rosette to fold back in on itself when you remove your hand), add a little more hot glue around the center, and place your paper circle over the hole.
  11. Hold the circle in place for a few seconds until the glue begins to cool, then flip over to the other side and glue the second circle in place.
  12. Add a ribbon or ornament hook if you’re going to use these on the Christmas tree. (For the two with the punched border, I just tied the ribbon through. For the smallest one without the punched border, I used a dab more hot glue to put the ribbon in place.)

I hope you enjoyed seeing this technique!

Be sure to finish the blog hop so you can see everyone else’s wonderful ideas and also enter for a chance to win this FABULOUS Custom Cutting System bundle. Your next stop is Lisa’s Workshop!

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24 thoughts on “Circles and Ovals Blog Hop

  1. I am in love, this was my lease favorite boarder maker cartridge! Thanks for getting the creative juices flowing I see a lot of these on my Christmas tree this year!! Maybe with pictures on the bigger ones – HAAA – you are a genius!!!

  2. Wow! I can’t wait to get home and try those! I’m hosting a Christmas gathering next week and these will be perfect for the packages! Thank you!

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  4. These are gorgeous! Especially love the dimension the picket fence adds and am over the moon in love with the oval. Never thought to step outside the circle!!!! So much fun & fabulous instructions. Thanks!

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