Watercolor Love CD Album

Valentine’s Day usually isn’t a big deal at our house, but I do like to make heart-shaped cookies and write at least a few little love notes to my husband each year. This year, I thought it would be fun to make these notes into a cute little album with CM’s adorable Watercolor Love Paper and Embellishment Pack!

I included a little sneak peek with my project for CM’s second Virtual Crop . . .

This is pretty much what my hubby will be getting from me this year, along with my undying devotion, of course!

Now, let me show you what this cute little book looks like inside:

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You might notice that the very back page isn’t pictured. Just imagine the front page again, with only the background paper. 🙂

Supplies & Tools Used for this Project


Steps (& Tips) for Completing this Project

  1. Punch holes in each of the CDs, approximately 1/4″ from the edge.
    Tip: I recommend doing this first so you can make sure you get them all aligned before you get any paper and decorations in place.
  2. Use Tape Runner to adhere paper to just one side of each CD.
    Tip: Most of the time, I remind people that a little Tape Runner goes a long way (It really does!), but in this case you will want to make sure that all the edges around the CD are well adhered.


    More tips: If you line up your CDs at the 4 corners of a piece of 12×12 paper, you’ll also have enough left in the center of the paper to cover a 5th CD. You can also piece together several papers to cover your CDs.

  3. Trim the excess paper from around the CD using all-purpose scissors.
    Tip: I find that attaching the paper and then cutting is the easiest way to get the right size. The CD itself makes for an excellent guide for cutting with scissors.
    Another tip: There is no CCS pattern size that exactly matches up with with the CD size; however, if you don’t mind having the edge of the CD show, you can use the blue blade on the outside of the middle circle pattern to cut out circles that are slightly smaller than CDs and then center those on your CD “pages.”
  4. Before covering the second side of the CD, punch a hole in the paper you’ve adhered in the same place where you made the hole in the CD.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4, covering the other side of each CD.
  6. Decorate!

Decorating Techniques

One quick embellishment tip: Don’t put “scratchy” embellishments directly across from photos, especially if you aren’t using page protectors! Place embellishments like the heart jewel stickers where they won’t rough up your photos when the album is closed.

Most of the decorations for this album come from the Watercolor Love Embellishments pack (love them!), either attached to the album pages with Tape Runner or Foam Squares, and I’m not going to call those ones out on each page, but here’s how the other embellishments were made . . .

  • Front cover (page 1): I created the black circular frame using the Custom Cutting System and circle patterns. When making a frame like this, first cut with whichever blade is the FARTHER from the pattern (red is the nearest to the pattern, blue is the mid-distance, and green is the farthest), and then cut with the next blade. If you first cut with the blade nearer to the pattern, you will NOT be able to make your second cut with the same pattern! For this one, I used the inside track of the largest circle pattern and first cut with the green blade, then cut with the red blade.
  • Page 2: I made a pocket from one of the heart embellishments but only adhered the bottom and sides so I could leave the top open and slide in some nice little love notes. Some of these love notes are decorated with heart “scraps” that came from the Heart Chain Border I used on anther page.
  • Page 3: The medallion embellishments at the top and bottom of the pictures are pieces cut out from a Diamond Scroll Medallion Border—just use scissors to snip these away from the border, and then use them separately. (I must admit that I got this idea from another blogger who made these little medallions into adorable snowflakes this winter!)
  • Page 4: The border behind the photo on this page is made from the Heart Chain Border Maker Cartridge, accented with scraps (rectangles) from a Filmstrip Border.
  • Page 5: I cut out a circle to “ground” my embellishments on this page, using the largest CCS circle pattern and the green blade on the inside track.
  • Page 8: On this page, I used two circle frames, each cut with on the inside track of the largest circle pattern and first cut with the blue blade, then cut with the green blade.
  • Page 9: This is another pocket, like the one on page 2.
  • Page 12: I used another circle on this page, using the largest CCS circle pattern and the green blade on the inside track. On top of that, I attached the title card with the corners trimmed and fake “stitching” with a black pen (as I had done on some of the love notes, as well). This card is embellished with a few heart “scraps” and one heart circle trimmed with scissors from a Heart Chain Border.
  • Page 14: The border over the photo on this page is made from the Heart Chain Border Maker Cartridge.
  • Page 15: I cut out a journal card from a piece of the Watercolor Love paper using scissors and added some strips of paper (trimmed with the Personal Trimmer) to this page.
  • Pages 16-17: I love the ABC/123 stickers, but sometimes I’m all out of the letters I need! Luckily, as I was working on this album, a customer/friend of mine reminded me of something I had taught at a Croptoberfest workshop a few years before—trimming AROUND the letters to make new stickers! This does take some patience, but you can certainly get a lot of mileage out of your letter sheets. 🙂
    I also made 4 little envelopes to slip more love notes into. Each one started as a 2-inch square, then 3 of the corners were folded in, and one skinny piece of tape from a Tape Runner holds each overlap together before “sealing” each one with a heat jewel sticker.
  • Page 18: I punched out a few Blossoms to go behind the picture on this page.

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