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Thanks for joining the journey on our Christmas Blog Hop this year!!! You should have arrived here from Diana’s blog, and the next stop on this hop is linked at the bottom of this post.

Do you ever buy some great paper and embellishments with one project in mind, start working on it, and then find that it morphs into something very different? That happened to me when I opened the Christmas Past Variety Mat Pack. I wanted to make a bunch of quick, traditional cards to send for Christmas this year, but as I got going I just couldn’t find a groove!

Instead, I started playing with cardboard “scraps” and eventually made my way to these cute (but not quick) cards instead:


I’ve always enjoyed the idea of the shaped word albums I’ve seen at craft stores, but I’ve never found a reason to make one of them. (If I go to the effort of putting together an album, I want the best–Creative Memories albums, of course!) I decided it would be fun to make mail-able Christmas cards in the style of those word albums this year.

This is how I did it:

First, I created patterns for each letter/page of my card out of a cardboard paper insert from a 12×12 paper pack. I picked the word “JOY” because it was a seasonally appropriate and short enough to help me maintain my sanity!

  • From a strip of cardboard 4″ tall, I kind of free-handed the “J” first and just cut with my All-purpose Scissors until I had a shape I liked.
  • Then I traced the “J” I had cut out onto another 4″ piece of cardboard and sketched out an “O” shape next to it and cut the “JO” piece so it would fit nicely behind the “J” piece.
  • I repeated this process with “JO” and “Y” on the third piece.
  • When I finished cutting out the letters, I realized that my whole pattern needed to be at most 6″ long if I wanted to fit the finished product in a 4×6 envelope, so I trimmed off a bit on the left side (before the “J”) to get the size I wanted.

*Please note: Cutting thick cardboard probably dulls scissors faster than regular paper cutting would. (My scissors still seem to be working fine after this project!)


Next, I matched up each of my patterns with cards from the Christmas Past Variety Mat Pack to make two separate “JOY” cards. I used some 4×6 and some 4.5×6.5 cards, and I picked several that have journaling lines on the back because I wanted to use these as spaces for writing notes. I also realized that my “J” piece was short enough to cut two out of the same card, so the “J” for both of my cards are cut from a single 4×6 card.

I just held each pattern and card together tightly as I cut the card out in the shape of the cardboard pattern. VOILA! The hard part is pretty much done at this point!

joy-steps-7-to-9 Then, I needed to connect my pages together. To do this, I used the scraps leftover from cutting out my letters to make four .25″ strips about 2″ long for each card. I also cut a “spine” piece for each one, 4″ tall and about .75″ wide and folded it around the spine of the card. I used Tape Runner to put all these pieces together.


I offset the spacing of the skinny connector pieces between the “J” and “JO” pieces and the “JO” and “JOY” pieces so they wouldn’t make the card too thick in those places.



Finally, I added a few Christmas Trees (from the Christmas Quartet Punch) and stars (from the Midnight Star Border Maker Cartridge) punched from the paper scraps to the “J” piece, as well as some epoxy stickers I had leftover from the old CM Enchanted Power Palette to the “JO” piece. I also wrote some nice Christmas notes on the cards using a Gold Metallic Pen–it looks great with the colors in these papers!–and added a couple small photos inside.


I hope you enjoyed this idea, and I’d love to see your version of it as well. Will you use “JOY” or another word to celebrate the season?

Hop on over to Fran’s blog next for another fun project!

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