“I Used to Scrapbook” & 5 Reasons Scrapbooking Will Survive

used-to-scrapbookI have heard people say this dozens of times, probably hundreds of times if you include variations like “My mom made us scrapbooks when I was a kid.”

By my own love of the hobby and by the vast amount of space still dedicated to scrapbooking products in craft stores and online (traditional and digital scrapbooking included), I would say there must be LOTS of people who are still doing it. Here are 5 reasons I think scrapbooking will survive…

  1. Reflection helps us to understand and learn things better: In my full-time profession, I’m often surprised at how little time is dedicated in higher education to reflection, even though it’s well known that reflection is a powerful tool for learning. This article (which is about organizational learning) says reflection “can powerfully enhance the learning process, and it does so more than the accumulation of additional experience on the same task.” Scrapbooking your activities and memories is a great way to reflect on your experiences and feelings about them, and this process helps you grow!
  2. Memories make us HAPPY: We love to reminisce! In fact, we NEED to reminisce!! This article talks about the benefits of nostalgia, which include increased optimism and feelings of self-worth. This other article specifically mentions looking at photo albums, keepsakes, and displays of memory as a method for fighting depression.
  3. Reminiscing improves brain function: I’ve heard it mentioned many times before that family heritage scrapbooks are a great tool for Alzheimer’s patients, people with dementia, and others trying to exercise their brains. When we review our old photos and stories, it’s like brain exercise!
  4. Humans love to create: As people, we are creative by nature! Scrapbooking and card making definitely fill this need for me. Need some affirmation for your need to create? Check out The Creative Manifesto. Looking for a more spiritual affirmation? Watch this video, from one of my favorite LDS apostles. 🙂
  5. Shared hobbies connect us deeply with other people: There are like a billion articles I could link to about this topic…I won’t, but if you’re interested you could search the web for a few you like. I mostly just want to say that some of my very favorite friends are the ones who scrapbook with me, and some of those are people I actually met because of scrapbooking! Scrapbooking is a versatile hobby–one that you can do solo or share with friends. (I prefer the latter.)

I think it’s just as important now to capture and celebrate our memories as it was 15-20 years ago when scrapbooking was at its “peak.”

What do you think? Why is scrapbooking important to you? Will it continue to be a popular hobby, or will it die out in the digital age?

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