February Blog Hop: Upcycled Hybrid Valentines

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Even though I don’t usually scrapbook Valentine’s Day stuff (honestly, I’m not a big fan of the holiday…it comes from many years of singlehood…but that’s a story for another time), I do really enjoy the colors that come along with the day! p1030246

Since I knew I wouldn’t be making a layout, I had to find another fun way to use some of my new crafty stuff. I noodled on a few ideas, but nothing seemed quite awesome enough.

One day, while drinking my Diet Coke with lunch, it struck me that these little 12oz bottles would be adorable repurposed and decorated as Valentine gifts for the kids my husband and I teach each week at church. INSPIRATION!


Tools and supplies:

Making it happen:

First, I had to get my bottles ready. Of course, this meant I had to drink all the Diet Coke. NO PROBLEM! Afterward, I cleaned out the bottles really well and scrubbed off all the gook left by the labels. I also spray painted the outside of each lid, some black and some red. Spray paint needs to dry overnight, so don’t try to do this step at the last minute! When the bottles and lids were ready to go, I filled each bottle with candies.


Next, I started the digital portion of this hybrid project. I downloaded the Mi Amor Digital Elements and checked out various combinations until I found one I really liked: the cat + a doodle heart! I loaded these into a Word document and I also changed the color of the heart (right there in Word–no fancy program necessary!) from black to pink. Then I duplicated my design and printed it off on my computer. I also printed the word strips for each one: “Happy Valentine’s Day” and “From: Brother and Sister Jones”–that’s what we get called by the kids in our class at church. (Need a little more help with this? Noreen posted a helpful “how to” video on exactly this topic just a couple days ago!)

When the pages were printed, I gathered all the traditional tools and other papers I needed to put these together. I used the Argyle Border Punch with white cardstock to make a few wrappers, and I used the Border Maker System with the new Scallop Dot Cartridge to make the others from cranberry cardstock. With the Argyle border, it was easy–I just punched the strip and then trimmed it to the right width (8.5″), and the height was already a good fit for wrapping around the bottles. However, to get the double-sided scallop border in a height that would fit was a little trickier!


First, I punched the scallop border all along one edge of the paper. Then I trimmed that piece to about 8.5″x1.5″ because that was the approximate height I needed for the final version of the wrapper…but this presented a problem…now the border wasn’t going to be long enough to clamp in my Border Maker System and punch the other side! What do I do?

Repositionable Tape Runner to the rescue!!! I used a bit of this non-permanent adhesive to stick my border to another piece of paper that would help me to punch the border on its second side, and I knew that it wouldn’t damage either piece of paper when I pulled them apart. Yay! (This is my “try it” tip for the day–test this out on your own!)

When these border/wrappers were all done, I used regular Tape Runner (it’s stronger and more permanent than the repositionable stuff, and we need a strong hold for this project) to stick each wrapper to a bottle. At 8.5″ wide, these were just long enough to overlap the ends by about .25″.

Next came the cat cut-outs. 🙂 I used the Custom Cutting System to cut about half of them out as circles, and then I decided it would also be fun to free-hand cut some out with scissors. Each one got backed with one or two layers of cardstock (black and/or red) cut out into circles–love the sizing options with the CCS!–and attached one to each bottle wrapper.



The final bits of paper were the word strips, which I trimmed with my 10+-year-old Personal Trimmer, cut little “banner” triangles into, and then attached using a Tape Runner.


Finally, I tied some odds and ends of red, pink, and black ribbon around the top of each bottle.

I think our kids are gonna like these!

Is this a project you would like to do? I’d love to hear from you about it!

Now you’re ready to move on to the next fun project with Fran at Celebrating Your Beautiful Life. Enjoy!!!

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