Spring Blog Hop: Treat Bags

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Welcome to the Creative Life Scrapbooking Spring Blog Hop!!! I’m so excited to kick off this hop and start you on your trip to visit a bunch of amazing ladies sharing some fun, crafty ideas this month!

I’ve made some quick and easy treat bags using the Border Maker System and a bit of digital artwork. Supplies:

Mini Bags StagedThank You Treats

The first bags are individual “thank you” treats to be handed out at to guests at a crop. I used three different treats to show how these same bags can be used for small, medium, and large treats. Cute, right? And easy!

First, I trimmed the tops of the bags (originally they had uneven tops) and then used the Picket Fence Cartridge in the Border Maker System to shape the top edge of each one.

Three Mini BagsI created the labels for these bags digitally as a 3-ish-inch squares, layering several elements from the Mint to Be digital paper with text on top and printed 6 to a page. I then trimmed these with my 12-inch Trimmer, and after filling the bags I attached one to each bag using Tape Runner. For the medium (Mounds bars) and large (candy sticks) treats, I attached the labels to the center of the bags. For the small treats (mints), I attached the label to the top portion of the bag after it was folded down.

I finished off each bag with some bright pink 5/8-inch ribbon. All together, this project took me about 30 minutes, from starting to design the labels on my computer to tying the last of the ribbon!

Popcorn and Muddy SnacksTable Treats

“Table treats” are bigger bags, meant for sharing. This is a great addition to a crop or party! Guests can take one or two bags to a table and swap when they’re ready for something new.

For the table treats bags, I created the label digitally as a 5×7 image, layering several elements from the Mint to Be digital paper with text on top and printed 2 to a page. I trimmed these down with my 12-inch Trimmer and attached one to each bag using Tape Runner. (Note: I tried attaching labels to the bags after they were full, and it was MUCH easier to add the labels when the bags were empty and flat!!!)

Spicy Chex BagThen I trimmed off the wiggly tops of the bags and used the Border Maker System and Picket Fence Cartridge to punch the top of each bag. If I were feeling really cutesy, maybe I would have strung these with ribbon . . . but I didn’t do that this time. Oh, well! 🙂

My suggestion for a good mix of sweet and savory treats without getting hands too messy are:

For a large group, you’ll probably want several bags of each to go around the group!

Free Printables

Next Up!

Well, mine wasn’t exactly scrapbooking . . . but if you’re looking for your layout fix you should keep on hopping! Your next stop is Celebrating Your Beautiful Life with Fran.

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Here are all this month’s fabulous bloggers:

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  2. Fran
  3. Noreen
  4. Candace
  5. Karyn
  6. Lisa
  7. Diana

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