Underwater Border Two Ways

underwater title photo

Have you seen the Creative Life Scrapbooking Border Maker Mondays ideas? If not, you should definitely go check them out on the Facebook page! Each week one of the contributors shares ideas for scrappy borders, layouts, cards, or other projects that feature the Creative Memories Border Maker System and other Border Punches.

This week, my contribution to the collection is these two adorable underwater borders that both use similar elements but definitely have a different feel to them!

These borders use:
– CM Travel Solid Cardstock (NLA) – blue, green, and gray
Slice of Summer Paper (scraps in pink, orange, and yellow)
– a small scrap of spargo paper — This is the great gray flecked paper color that’s one of the options for CM album pages. I love this stuff!
Outdoor Adventure Quartet Punch
Border Maker System
Bubbles Border Cartridge
Sprout Border Cartridge
12-inch Straight Trimmer
Tape Runner
Repositionable Tape Runner Refill

Ever since I saw the Sprout Border Maker Cartridge, I’ve been thinking of underwater sea life scenes. 🙂 I was also inspired by some of the ideas Candace Bouldin (another awesome CLS blogger) shared earlier this year, and I decided to put some of these ideas together in a couple of borders.

lake border markedUnderwater Lake Border

The first version of this border is a “lake” border with gray fish and green plant life.

To make the blue base with bubbles, I cut a 12″ strip about 3″ wide and clipped it in on one side to the Border Maker System alignment tool. I punched bubbles up the top half of the strip.

For the bubbles on the other side, I didn’t use the alignment tool. I just picked a spot and punched one set of bubbles.

I also punched two 12-inch strips of sprouts from green paper using the Border Maker System. I trimmed one of these strips into two smaller pieces with scissors.

For my fish, I punched the bird and the fish shape from gray paper using the Outdoor Adventure Quartet punch. I trimmed the bird into a fish shape so I had two different fish.

All of the other pieces are attached to the blue strip with Tape Runner.

It might be nice to use this border with some boating or fishing pictures–my family goes to Bear Lake on the border of Utah and Idaho several times a year, so this will go in with my summer vacation photos this year!

Two-for-one tip: It’s easy to make something new from something else! I wanted another fish shape for my borders instead of just the one “official” fish in the Outdoor Adventure Quartet punch, so I trimmed a little off the bird shape and made it into a fish instead.


ocean border markedUnderwater Ocean Border

The second border is an “ocean” border with colorful fish, seashells, and coral.

I used the same technique to punch the bubbles on this border base as in the first. I also used one 12-inch strip of sprouts from green paper again.

For my fish, I punched the bird and the fish shape from few different colors this time: gray, yellow, and pink. Again, I trimmed some of my birds into fish shapes.

At the bottom of this one, I added a spargo gray seashell and some orange coral. The coral is made by punching out several of the antler shapes from the Outdoor Adventure Quartet punch–no modifications needed to the shape, just combine and adhere!

Because some of the pieces on this border are thin and delicate, I used a combination a of regular Tape Runner and Repositionable Tape Runner this time. Check out another great use for Repositionable Tape Runner here!

I was thinking it might be fun to couple this side page border with a border of “sand” along the bottom on the page. I’d use this for beach pics, but I’ll have to wait until my next tropical vacation to use it!

Two-for-one tip: The seashell for my ocean border is just one piece out of the Lace Scallop border. (This idea came from my fellow CLS contributor, Candace Boudin of Scrapin’ Jpegs, as did the idea for the coral on this border. I love getting inspiration from my friends!!!)


Your Turn!

I’d love to see your take on this border! Post a link to your version in the comments below or tag me in a post on Facebook (@stefanicrop) so I can see what you’re doing with this idea!

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