Quick 6 Cards – Countryside Comfort

I wanted to share my cutting guides and some examples of a “Quick 6” set of cards that can be made with 2 sheets of decorative paper and a few embellishment. 🙂

Quick 6 Countryside Comfort

This time I made mine with Countryside Comfort papers, but you can use any double-sided papers for a project like this!

For this project, I used:

Quick 6 Deco Cutting GuideFollowing the cutting guide here, cut two sheets of paper, starting with the circles, then the borders, and finally the straight cuts. You can stack your two sheets and do all your cutting at once!

Border CornerWhen you punch the two border sides, they will overlap at the corner a bit–this piece isn’t used. Here’s a pic of the corner of the paper. You can see this particular border actually matches up pretty close at the corners!

You should end up with 6 pieces of each of these sizes:

  • 5.25″x3.75″
  • 5″x3.5″
  • 1.5″ circles*

* If you’re worried about getting the circles right on the edge where you need them, you can cut smaller circles or use a punch shape that’s 1.5″ or less instead.

You’ll also have 4 border strips, 2 that are skinny (about .75″ wide) and 2 that are thick (about 1.5″ wide). Trim all of these strips to be 5.5″ long so you have a total of 6 border strips. If you like, you can also trim some of the wide strips down.

There will be a few little scraps leftover that are not needed for this project.

Now comes the fun part: Mix together all your pieces to find your favorite combinations!

Each card needs 1 5.25″x3.75″ piece, 1 5″x3.5″ piece, 1 circle, and 1 border strip. I adhered my large rectangle straight to the card base with Tape Runner and then used Foam Squares to attach my smaller rectangle on top of that. The Precision Point Adhesive is perfect for smaller embellishments like these words, and I’m SO HAPPY to have this awesome tool back with CM!

Quick 6 Cardstock Cutting GuideIf you need to cut your card bases from 12×12 cardstock, here is the cutting guide I use. It creates 2 cards that fold on the long ends and 1 card that folds on the short end for each sheet of cardstock.

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