Quick 6 Cards – Black & White, Plus…

I hope you saw my previous blog post, where I introduced “Quick 6” cards back in September. If not, you can check it out and compare how the same technique produces some very different looks when applied to different paper and embellishments!

This time I made 6 quick cards with the new Black & White papers, coordinating flower and gem embellishments, and a few words from the Imagine laser cut weird pack. Again, you can use any double-sided papers for a project like this, and I’d love to see how yours turn out with other combinations!

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For this project, I used:

Quick 6 Deco Cutting GuideFollowing the cutting guide here, I cut two sheets of paper, starting with the starburst shapes (where the pattern shows circles), then the borders, and finally the straight cuts. I stacked the two sheets and do all my cutting at once.

Fun Fact that I didn’t discover the first time I used this pattern . . . If you use one of the “chain” Border Maker Cartridges, you actually punch a bit too much of the paper away to get three pieces that are all 5.25×3.75, so I ended up trimming two of those pieces down to be 5×3.5 and did a slightly different card layout for two cards that used those. 🙂

At the end (along with the extra “oops” adjustment from my fun fact above”), I had these pieces:

  • 4 5.25″x3.75″
  • 8 5″x3.5″
  • 6 1.5″ starbursts & 6 smaller inside starburst scraps
  • 6 5.5″ border strips (the long ones got cut in half)
  • 2 12″x.75″ leftover strips


TBH, the mixing and matching this time was a little harder since I there isn’t as much variation when the colors are all just black and white. So I had to be a little more careful about which pieces could go together to get some good contrast.

I didn’t strictly stick to the “each card needs 1 of each piece” suggestion, but you’ll see in the pictures how I mixed things up with some Imagine words and the Black & White Flower Embellishments. I adhered all my pieces to the cards this time with Repositionable Tape Runner.

Tip: When using the Repositionable Tape Runner on delicate pieces like the Imagine words . . .

First, carefully roll the adhesive onto the back of the piece.

Then, pick up the piece and run a Multipurpose Tool around all the edges to remove any “hangover” adhesive pieces.

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