Happy Album: Extra Pages from Kits 1 & 2

This week I wanted to show you what I’m doing with borders and more in my Happy Album, along with a couple of helpful tips for using the border maker system!

After I made the pages from Happy Album Kits #1 and #2 (with slight modification to give me maximum leftovers, of course), I was able to make 3 extra 2-page spreads from the extra pieces:

  1. Half-and-half “wallpapered” spread with a “Family” border crossing both pages
  2. “Me & You” spread with two different types of borders
  3. Hearts and dots spread

Tools for this project:


2 Page Border Family c.jpg

For the first page spread, I used two full sheets of paper, one leftover from Kit 1 (navy stripes with salmon dotted on the back) and one from Kit 2 (tiny aqua and navy shapes). I trimmed each in half height-wise, and then I trimmed one inch off each of the resulting navy striped pages so I ended up with . . .

  • 2 5″x6.75″ pieces of the tiny aqua and navy shapes
  • 2 4″x6.75″ pieces of the navy stripes
  • 2 1″x6.75″ pieces of the salmon dotted

Sticky Note Trick cI adhered these to my pages to make the background, and then I punched out a Lace Flower Chain border from some Ivory Cardstock and trimmed it with scissors to fit across my two pages. I finished off the border by adding stickers from Kit #1 to spell out “Family”.

TIP: In making this border, I didn’t have a wide enough strip of the Ivory Cardstock leftover to put into the Border Maker System regularly, so I used the sticky note trick to get my border punched. This is a great trick to have in your border making repertoire!

I added a couple of photo corners to accommodate a 3.5″x6″ photo on the left page (or two smaller photos–haven’t decided yet!) and two scrap pieces as journal boxes on the right page. The white one is attached with foam squares, but everything else on this spread is attached flat to the page. I added a little heart square embellishment that was leftover from another page to the ivory box.

This layout will easily hold 2-3 full-sized photos or maybe up to 6 smaller ones.

“Me & You”

2 Borders Me and You Page c

For my second page spread, I made borders for the outside edges of both pages with 1.5″ strips of the geometric paper from Kit #1 and some navy Washi tape and Coral Cardstock punched out as Lace Scallops from Kit #2.

TIP: The Lace Scallop border punches a lot of “scrap” that just goes in the trash, so I measured how much paper I really needed and found that I could save about half (using just .75″ instead of 1.5″ wide) for each punched border if I marked off my border guide with a piece of thin Washi tape and then lined up my paper there instead of at the edge of the guide . . . and the borders punched out perfectly! Woohoo for paper saving tricks!!

Washi Tape Border Closeup cIn the middle of the pages I created a “stacked” border of Washi tape and paper scraps for the middle of the page and included my title there using more stickers.

I also created photo mats from the sheet of navy and white squiggles with the “sand” on the back by trimming my leftover paper into four equal rectangles of 5″x3.325″. I will probably use 3 of these for photos and one for journaling – I like to include the story on every page, and especially in this album I feel like the words are important!


Punched Border Page c

For the last page spread I started by using the 4-way Hearts and Stars Corner and Hole Punch to punch out a row of hearts from the dotted paper (coral on the back) to get different shades of navy on my little heart punchouts, and I also used the strips cut away from the page afterward to embellish the page a bit more.

I left some thick slices of the dotted paper as the border on the outsides with a strip of the striped Washi tape, and I added photo boxes for four photos and/or journaling. I plan to attach my photos with foam squares.

I didn’t give this one a definite theme yet, so I’ll have to see what I’m feeling most grateful for on the day I use it to set that!

11 Pages Instead of 5!!

I was really excited when I started this little project to see how much I could stretch my $12 per kit, and I’m ecstatic that I was able to make a total of 11 pages instead of just the 5 that come in the design instructions! I love getting more for my money, and it’s especially awesome when the quality is as good as Creative Memories provides!!

These are the 6 extra pages I created, but make sure you also see my blog post about making the original 5 pages and tips for maximizing your leftovers. (COMING SOON!!)

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