Bonus Cards from the Sending Love Kit

From the August product release, I’m especially excited about the new All That Glitters Card Kit (I’ve ordered some that will be arriving tomorrow–YAY!) and its 170+ EXTRA PIECES because I TOTALLY LOVE creating more from the great kits Creative Memories sells. As I was thinking of that earlier this week, I realized I hadn’t yet used my extras from the Sending Love Card Kit, even though I made those cards when they first came out several months ago. PROJECT INSPIRATION!!!

FPF August Cards

After humming and hawing over all the bits and pieces for a while I put together these six cards, and I’m loving the way they turned out!

Supplies and tools for this project:

*With the exception of the “Handmade by” flags (I left all those off the backs of all 12 cards because I just didn’t like them), I’d made most of the Sending Love cards exactly as in the instructions that are included with the kit. I did use the alternate pieces for cards 1, 4, and 8 (I LOVE that Creative Memories has included options for different sentiments in the latest kits!!), and I modified the way the string was done on card 12.

After making all 12 cards included in the Sending Love kit, my “leftovers” from this were:

  • 12 “Handmade by” flags
  • 9 other paper pieces with words and phrases (or 12 if you count each letter of “HUGS” individually)
  • Almost 3 feet of the thin string
  • About 1.5 feet of the thick ribbon
  • 13 pearl stickers

I also used scissors to hand-trim several of the pieces into slightly different shapes for these cards.

Now, the cards . . .

Hugs for You

Hugs for YouThe “Hugs for You” card features papers from both the Countryside Comfort (burnt orange) and Secret Garden (teal with daisies) paper packs–it’s fun to see what new combinations look good together when you’re mixing your scraps from different collections!

Using Tape Runner I layered the 3×3.25 teal paper on top of the 3.25×4 orange paper and attached the “for you” piece just below the center of the teal paper. I arced the letters for “hugs” above that using Repositionble Tape Runner. Then I added a piece of the thick, rustic ribbon below the words, HUGGING the paper. (You see what I did there? LOL!) Finally I attached the whole thing to the center of my card with Foam Squares. To finish it off, I drew black “stitch marks” with pen all around the front of the base.

Tip about working with ribbon: Although CM adhesive is wonderful and fabulous for just about any paper project, I find that it doesn’t hold ribbon very well. So when I’m attaching ribbon to a card like this, I use a piece of regular tape on the back of the paper to hold the ribbon in place.

Hugs close

Just a Little Love Note . . . Wishing You the Best

Love NoteThis card also uses a piece of the Secret Garden teal paper–a 3×3 square sits in the “window” of the “wishing you the best” frame, all attached directly to the card base with Tape Runner. I slid a couple of flags behind and attached those with Tape Runner as well. The “just a little love note” banner was originally a bit bigger, but I trimmed it down with a Personal Trimmer and All-Purpose Scissors so it would fit better , and then I attached it with Foam Squares.

I finished the card with two medium pearls and string wrapped around the edge of the frame and tied with a simple double knot (no adhesive needed).

Love Note close


LoveThis card was super simple because the 3.5×3.5 “LOVE” word paper does almost all the work! I just backed it with a 4×4 square of the Countryside Comfort orange paper and attached three flags to the back of that square with Tape Runner. Then the whole piece is attached to the card with Foam Squares. I finished it off with the tiny pearl stickers.

I debated about the direction of this card and ultimately decided on portrait with the flags at the bottom. It could have also been done with flags at the top or in landscape with flags on one side or the other–all the options were cute, but I preferred this one.
Love close


WowThere is a die-cut “mom” word in the original kit. Several people posted, “What is this supposed to say?” when they first got their kits. I agree that he word was, frankly, kind of bizarre looking because of the font and loops that are used to connect the letters (more like “molm”), and I don’t need any “mom” cards right now. Instead, I trimmed that one into the letters and exclamation point for “wow!”

I chose 7 of the less feminine colored flags for this card so it would be a bit more versatile (most of my cards are very girly), and I started by drawing black “stitch marks” with pen around the edges of all the flags. Then I folded my flags over a piece of string and attached each one with Tape Runner to the card. The string itself is NOT attached to the card–I just trimmed the ends at the edges of the card front.

My “wow!” letters are attached with foam squares. Tip for raising letters: Most individual letters are too thin for a full Foam Square, even the small squares, but you can cut the foam into halves or thirds so they can “pop” your letters up without being visible from the front of the card.
Wow close

Let’s Celebrate

Let's CelebrateThe “Let’s Celebrate” card uses scraps from two different Countryside Comfort papers: a 2×4.25 strip of the gray floral stitched paper, and two .75×4.25 pieces of the navy “stripes” paper. These are all adhered to the card base with Tape Runner, and the “let’s” and “celebrate” pieces are added with Foam Squares.

I trimmed “celebrate” as a curved banner from what was originally a larger piece in the Sending Love kit to focus on the word. I added a couple large pearls to finish this one.Let's close

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday“Happy Birthday” is a great way to finish off this set because who doesn’t need more birthday cards?!? We have a large family, and I use at least 30 cards for birthday cards each year for nieces and nephews, brothers and sister, parents, and friends. I think everyone appreciates a fun, handmade card celebrating them on their special day!

This one uses a 4×5.25 piece of the Secret Garden teal paper and a 3.75×2.75 piece of the Countryside Comfort gray floral stitched paper. I attached both of these pieces to the card with Tape Runner and then drew black “stitch marks” with pen around the edges of both pieces. I attached the “happy birthday” piece with Foam Squares and added a few of the remaining pearl stickers, and this one was done!Happy close

Stay tuned for a similar post soon about the extras you get with the All that Glitters kit–I’m super excited to make these cards and see what else I can do with the kit pieces!!

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