Bright Doily & Flower Child Border

Mix Match Border c
This week I was playing with the new Creative Memories Flower Child Border Punch and comparing it to the Doily Border Punch that came out in the fall.Both of these are current stand-alone border punches that you can use separate from the CM Border Maker System, and both have similar-sized flower patterns.

DoilyThe Doily punch makes 2 flowers per punch, and each flower is approximately 1.25″x1.25″. You get about 9.5 flowers punched from a 12-inch strip. The 8-petal flower shape is a little bit chunky and has a classic/retro feel to it. I think it’s cute for a bolder pattern because it keeps more of the paper in the punch (compared to more delicate shapes). It also punches out the center of each flower, making it ideal for layering or collecting the “confetti” to reuse the small circles for accents on other borders and projects.

Flower ChildThe Flower Child punch also makes 2 flowers per punch, approximately 1.25″x1.25″ and with 8 petals each. This flower shape is much more delicate and feels more fun and modern. Because it removes most of the paper as you punch, it looks better punched on solid or near-solid colors (not so good with busy patterns). Compared to the Doily punch, this one has its flowers rotated 1/16 around so the petals are all pointing in a slightly different direction from the Doily flowers. This means the two punches can layer together without completely obscuring the flower shape underneath. Nice!

Mix Match Border Close cI decided to make a layered border that used both shapes plus a few others with my Mix & Match papers today. The bundle includes pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue papers and embellishments, but you can also getany one of these individually. I love these bright colors – they look especially great against a black background!

I punched one Flower Child border from yellow, one Doily border from green, and two pink Button Chains using the Border Maker System. I also cut a 1.5″ straight strip of orange and punched out three blue Tropical Leaves.

I layered these all together into a bright and cheery border that would be fun for any page:

  • straight orange strip as the base
  • pink buttons mostly hidden under the orange, making the “ruffle” edge
  • two blue leaves under the buttons, one on top of the orange strip
  • green doily on top next
  • yellow flower child on top of the doily border
  • finally finished with some pink scraps from the buttons

Quick Tip! I used a few dots of Repositionable Tape Runner on the end of my Multipurpose Tool to pick up and place the scraps from the button holes to make centers on my yellow flowers (attached with Precision Point Adhesive). See the pics below for a step-by-step!

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