Quick 6 Cards – Croptoberfest 2018

I’ve done a couple “Quick 6” card posts in the past year, and I wanted to share how I used this design with my Croptoberfest materials this year! We’ll be using these as a make-and-take at my Croptoberfest event on October 12 & 13 in West Valley, Utah. If you’re in the area I’d love to have you come make these and some other fun projects with us!

(If you haven’t seen the previous Quick 6 posts yet, you’ll want to check out the original post with the cutting guides and also see how different these cards look with the Black & White collection.)

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DSC_0030I started by matching the papers from this pack into pairs. Really, any of the sheets can go together when they’re all coming from the same collection! Here are the pairs I suggest with the Croptoberfest pack, which comes with 6 sheets of double-sided paper:

DSC_0047I used the pair with yellow/zig zag and dark gray/blue floral, and I followed the Quick 6 guide to punch and cut both sheets at once (stacked together).

DSC_0048And then when I cut everything into the pieces for the cards.

DSC_0051You might see a slight problem with some of my large rectangles . . . the garland border punch was a bit too wide, and I ended up with some ragged edges. To hide this, I trimmed those two pieces in half and flipped that ragged edge to the inside–it all gets covered anyway, and the seam was hardly noticeable in the finished cards.

Then comes the fun part: matching up the pieces, attaching them to the cards, and embellishing with some stickers and pen marks! I used foam squares on about half the cards to give some of them a different look.

For this project, I used:

I love the way these papers and stickers lend themselves to this design! I think the cards turned out great, and I can’t wait to see what my Croptoberfest guests do with these when we make them together!

I’d love to see your take on these as well, so feel free to post links to your pictures in the comments below. Thanks for joining me here today!!

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