Season’s Greetings Gift Bag Idea & Printables

As I was playing with some of the new CM digital artwork this week, I thought it would be fun to give some little gifts and CM samples out at Christmastime, so I whipped up some fold-over tags using the new Season’s Greetings Collection.

SG Samples with Tags.jpg

Want to try these ones out yourself? Download the PDF: Seasons Greetings Bag Tags (2 each of 3 different designs)!

These tags fit 6 to a page, and printing them at home makes this project quick and pretty affordable. Just trim them out, fold them over, and staple them to the top of your package. They would also be great on little treat bags or neighbor gifts, some little goodies to hand out to your friends at church or work, or whatever you’re making or packaging up for a quick present this holiday season!

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I encourage you to make some of your own tags using CM’s digital artwork. You can import it into a full-fledged scrapbooking program like Forever Artisan or use it piece-by-piece in Microsoft Word or a similar program. (Tip: The high-resolution image files are large and can slow down online program like Google Docs. I recommend desktop apps for this type of work!)

If Season’s Greetings isn’t your “cup of tea” you could try the gorgeous new Frost collection. It’s perfect for winter scrapping and crafting, both in the digital and traditional collections!

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