CLS Explorer PJ Party

For our Creative Life Scrapbooking PJ Party tonight I thought of a ton of great uses for the Creative Memories Explorer collection–it’s full of outdoor artwork, fun nature designs, summery phrases, and more! Eventually I settled on designing some camping-themed printables using my delightful Artisan software (a must for any digital scrapper, IMO): a b-day party invitation, and two sizes of tags/cards that can be used in lots of different ways!

IMG_20190425_220027First, the invitations . . .

I designed these with 4 to a page, and they have the brown flannel paper as a background with a cream-colored box outlined in red for the writing on each one. I used one of the pre-made elements for “camping”, layered a couple other pre-made elements for the flag in the bottom corner, and created my own tent.

For the tent, I started with two small rectangles of the green flannel paper, darkened one piece slightly (the back/inside part of the tent), and then cut both out with Artisan’s shape cutting tools. It took several tries before I got them to the shapes I liked, but in the end I think I got a cute little tent!

Last, I added the text for the invitation, leaving spaces for you to fill out after they’re printed. An old green CM pen matched nicely for writing in the details on the examples I show here. 🙂

Next, the large tent cards . . .

I also designed these with 4 to a page, with the intention of folding them in half to stand on their own after they’re cut out. They have the same cream and brown box for writing (though smaller than the invitations) but with the dark wood grain paper background and some stripes and other embellishments in the lower corner of each. Each of the 4 cards on the sheet has a different design.

I used my as food labels (written on with black Sharpie), but you could also use these to identify different party stations, as place cards, or in lots of other ways!

IMG_20190426_100404And last, the small tent cards/tags . . .

These ones are designed similar to the large tent cards and could be used in the same ways. I decided to punch the tops of mine with the Essentials 4-way punch (the 2-hole side) and use it as a “thank you” gift tag instead.

These ones are about half the size of the large tags, and there are 8 to a page. The design is very similar, replacing the wood background with the map paper instead and eliminating the border stripe to allow a little more room for writing on the small cream rectangle.


Printables are fun to design, and I love all the options the Creative Memories digital content gives! Download all the designs and start creating today at!

Want to get the printable for the three pages I’ve shown here? Download the PDF free from me here! And then show me what you do with it–I’d love to see!!

If you’re not already following Creative Memories on Pinterest, I think you should! Here is their Explorer board, and besides just featuring this fun collection and scrapbook page ideas, there is also a cute pillowbox s’mores kit idea as well!

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