2019 Creative Life Summer Blog Hop: Rainbow Rush

Rainbow Rush Project Recipe MemeOne of my favorite things about today’s Creative Memories is Project Recipes™, so I’m really excited to share some examples of these and a few tips in our Summer Blog Hop!! You should have come here from Julie’s blog, and at the bottom of this post you’ll see where to go next. I hope you’re enjoying these ideas today as much as I am!

I also hope you love the ideas I’m sharing here today!! Check out my CM website if you need to get any of these papers, stickers, or tools for your projects, too!

What is a Project Recipe™?

Most scrapbookers have  used a sketch before, so I think the easiest way to explain Project Recipes™ is that they’re more detailed sketches . . . kind of like a sketch on steroids. 🙂 Each one includes a cutting guide that shows you dimensions and how to cut and/or punch the pieces you’ll need for your layout, usually using 3 pieces of coordinating decorative paper. Then the layout guide shows you how to put all the pieces together onto your page bases. Sometimes the page bases are pieces of cardstock or other decorative papers, but often I make my Project Recipes™ directly on Creative Memories pages with the jeepeing that will straight go into my album.

Creative Memories publishes at least one new Project Recipe™ each month–and sometimes two or three, depending on the collections released. These are available to all Creative Memories Advisors, so if you’re not one (yet) just reach out to one in your area to find out how to get your hands on them!

Rainbow Rush Project Recipe™ Three Ways

The beauty of a Project Recipe™ is that you can use just about any recipe with just about any papers you like, and you’ll usually come out with something you love. It’s a great starting point, but you can also add more decorations or modify the design to work with your photos and the stories you’re trying to tell.

With the Rainbow Rush collection, there are three different paper packs that have different tones of rainbow colors: Soft, Cheerful, and Bold. These packs can mix and match together, and they’re also great each one on its own! I made one 2-page layout per tone pack, and even though all of them start with the same Project Recipe™ they all turn out so different!


IMG_20190827_202827First up, here is my Rainbow Rush Bold layout! It starts with the burgundy paper, plaid rainbow paper (red and white stripes on the back), and golden paper, and I used crimson cardstock as the base for both pages. The borders for this one are made with the Lace Trim Border Punch. I really like how subtle the burgundy lace on the crimson background is! I followed the guide pretty closely for this one, although I wanted more of the plaid to show at the bottom so I did change the proportions there a bit, and I added a little box of the same paper behind my “smile” sticker at the top. I went a little light on the stickers for this layout, and all stickers here come from the”bold” sheet in the Rainbow Rush Leaf & Icon Stickers pack. This palette definitely makes me think of fall, so the leaves are fitting!


IMG_20190827_202722Next, my favorite of the three options in this collection, here is my Rainbow Rush Cheerful layout! It starts with the plaid paper (yellow on the back), red paper, and green paper from this pack, and I used navy cardstock as the base for both pages. The borders for this one are made with the Scallop Border Punch. Again, I followed the guide closely for these pages and I included lots of sticker clusters, using almost all the stickers from the “cheerful” sheet in the Rainbow Rush Leaf & Icon Stickers pack, to place focal spots around the pages. These primary color tones could go for just about anything, whether you want to do “back to school” pages, family photos, or pretty much any story you have in mind!


IMG_20190827_202752Finally, here is my Rainbow Rush Soft layout! It starts with the leaves paper (yellow on the back), blue paper, and orange paper from this pack, and I used white cardstock as the base for both pages. The borders for this one are made with the Scallop Burst Border Punch. I shifted the large photo boxes over a bit, added in a few extra scraps of yellow, and moved the sticker clusters (stickers from the “soft” sheet in the Rainbow Rush Leaf & Icon Stickers pack) to different spots to re-focus a little bit. I think it will be great for a tropical layout with some vacation pictures from this summer.

Next Up!

Is this something you would try? I hope so! You can get all the tools, papers, and stickers pictured here on my CM website, or contact me if you’d like to have me as your advisor and get some of these great Project Recipes™ from me. Your next stop is Celebrating Your Beautiful Life with Fran Smiterman.

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Here are all this month’s fabulous bloggers:

  1. Karyn
  2. Julie
  3. Stefani (me!)
  4. Fran
  5. Candace

Rainbow Rush Project Recipe Meme

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