Cute, Easy Treat Bags

IMG_20200508_142029These cuties are as easy as 1-2-3…4-5. 🙂 Just grab a sheet of paper, an embellishment or two, and some treats!

Tools you need:

  • 12-inch trimmer with straight blade and scoring blade
  • Custom Cutting System with rectangle patterns
  • 4-way Essential Punch (or regular hole puncher)

To put everything together, you’ll also need a ribbon or other tie, a plastic bag, and foam square(s), oh, and definitely some treats! The gusseted bags I used for this project came from, dimensions 3″x1.25″x8.25″.

IMG_20190504_152824First, cut any piece of 12×12 paper into four 3″ strips.  You can use regular weight decorative paper or cardstock. These 3×12 strips will be nice and long to wrap around your treats!

Second, use the Custom Cutting System with the smallest rectangle pattern and the red CCS blade on the inside track to cut out the window from the front of your treat bag wrapper. Line up the pattern at the top of each strip to get the spacing right!

IMG_20190504_164235Third, score each of the long strips at 5.25″ and 7.75″ (or if it’s easier to think about it this way . . . 5.25″ from each of the long ends). Then fold the two long parts toward each other. This creates a flat 1.5″ base for your treat bags!

Fourth, punch holes at both of the long edges. (You’ll also want to punch holes in the same spots in your plastic treat bag.)

Fifth, wrap it up and secure everything together with a ribbon or tie. Embellish if you wish! I added a paper embellishment printout using a foam square.

Now comes the hard part: Deciding what treats to put inside! Enjoy!! ❤


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