Crop Clubs

Crop Every Month!

If you like scrapbooking and crafting, you NEED to set aside some time to get your projects in, and a Crop Club is a perfect way to do that! Clubs can start at any time, so you don’t need to wait . . . Contact me to sign up today!

What is a Crop Club?

A Crop Club is a group of 4-6 people who get together monthly to work on their scrapbooks and other album projects, chit chat, and share ideas. It is similar to a monthly crop, except that the club members control when and where the crop happens, and there are several perks for being a Crop Club member.

What happens at a crop?

Everybody brings whatever project they are working on and hangs out as they’re making album pages and whatnot. Stefani brings tools, ideas, and a free make-and-take each month.

What are the membership perks?

Crop Club members . . .

  • crop monthly at a discounted rate ($60/year instead of the former $84/year for monthly crops)
  • get host credit when they host–10% product credit for any club purchases made during their month
  • earn a free CM Bookcloth Coverset by cropping consistently (at least 9 of 12 months) throughout the year

Plus, being in a club means you develop more meaningful relationships by cropping with the same group of friends all year long!

What would I need to do as a club member?

You just need to sign up and pay your $60 membership fee, and Stefani organizes the club. As soon as your club is full (at least 4 members), you’ll be assigned 2-3 months to “host” the club. As the host of the month, you get to choose the time and place of the crop for the month. (You can choose to host at your house, Stefani’s house, or another place you arrange.)

After that, Stefani will contact everybody in the club about dates, times, and locations, and you can come to all of the crops and enjoy working on your projects!

What do I do to sign up?

Contact me by email ( or in person to get the ball rolling on your Crop Club membership.

Please note that Crop Clubs have replaced my monthly crops. I do still host several large cropping events each year, including a National Scrapbook Day Workshop and Croptoberfest. Fill out this form if you’d like to be added to my mailing list and be invited to upcoming events.