Watercolor Love CD Album

Valentine’s Day usually isn’t a big deal at our house, but I do like to make heart-shaped cookies and write at least a few little love notes to my husband each year. This year, I thought it would be fun to make these notes into a cute little album with CM’s adorable Watercolor Love Paper and Embellishment Pack!

I included a little sneak peek with my project for CM’s second Virtual Crop . . .

This is pretty much what my hubby will be getting from me this year, along with my undying devotion, of course!

Now, let me show you what this cute little book looks like inside:

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The Flexible Be Bold and Flourish F2F Album

I wasn’t always a great fan of predesigned album pages. When I’m scrapbooking, I enjoy the creative process.

But because I AM a fan of finished albums I love how speedy it is to make an album using Fast2Fab (F2F) predesigned pages!

For my honeymoon album, I decided to use the Be Bold and Flourish F2F pages, plus a few other things. I wanted to get this album DONE (my honeymoon happened over a year ago), but I also wanted to be creative and flexible with the predesigned pages. And I found that there are actually lots of ways to use F2F pages in the album without necessarily following the “prescribed” page order and combinations!


  • 22 pages (front and back=44)
  • 94 photos (plus LOTS of memorabilia)
  • 10-12 hours spent on the album over the course of a month (including organizing photos, arranging all my pages, embellishing, and journaling)
  • $100 retail cost for ALL consumable supplies (including all embellishments and about half a Tape Runner refill; not including other tools)

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7 Ways to Overcome Scrapper’s Block

Ahhh! You managed to send the kids off to Grandma’s for the weekend, and your husband is golfing with his buddies for the afternoon, so you’ve got the house to yourself! You spread your photos and brand new scrapbook supplies out on the clean kitchen table, and you’re ready to start! But where???

Everybody experiences “scrapper’s block” sometimes, and it can pop up when you’re at a crop or scrapbook retreat with your friends just as easily as it does when you’re at home working on projects solo. I’ve put together a list of suggestions that have helped me bust through that block and move on to completing pages and projects, and I hope you find a couple here that work for you, too!

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Remembering Kevin

Remembering Kevin
When my brother Kevin passed away unexpectedly in 2014 at age 25, my family was devastated. Even more than a year later, it’s still hard to believe that he’s not just going to walk through the door one day with his gruffy beard and a big hug for anybody in his path.

One of the only bright spots in the days after we heard the news was the chance we had to share our memories of Kevin with each other. I had made a Creative Memories album with many of Kevin’s photos and stories from birth to age 12 when I was a relatively young Creative Memories consultant, and the day after he died I took the album to my parents’ house. This book brought both smiles and tears to the literally hundreds of visitors, friends, and funeral attendees who came to pay their respects and reminisce with our family.

  • There’s that dangerously mobile little boy who practically lived in a tiger costume until he started kindergarten . . .
  • There are the best buddies in Boy Scout uniforms again and again . . .
  • There’s the little essay he wrote about how holding his new baby brother was the happiest experience of his life . . .

I wished I had kept his book current, but more than that I was happy I’d taken the time to put this all together well before we “needed” it, and I was so relieved that I didn’t have to try to hunt down an entire lifetime of photos and stories in the days between his death and his funeral. This album isn’t anything fancy–it’s fairly simple and unadorned–but it’s a celebration of a wonderful person, and that’s what’s important.

My family is glad to have some of our best “Kevin” memories documented in something tangible that we can go back to whenever we’re missing him. Even though some would say there are there are “easier” options available for photo sharing, nothing replaces an album for me.