Croptoberfest 2017

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You are very, extremely, and cordially invited to attend my Croptoberfest 2017 events!

Um, wait . . . events?!?

YES! This year I’m doing Croptoberfest different. Instead of a single, long day of scrapbooking this year I’m hosting 4 separate days of scrapbooking, reconnecting with cropping friends, sharing ideas, getting gifts and prizes, etc. Each day is broken into two sessions, and everyone is invited to join for as few or as many of the Croptoberfest sessions as they’d like. Each session will have different gifts, ideas, challenges, and prizes. All sessions will be held at my home in Bountiful, Utah, and each session has just 6 seats.

Additionally, each day between the two sessions, I’ll also have a paper buffet open to everyone, not just people attending the sessions!

Check out the Facebook event page or contact me for more details or to register!

Blogging Hiatus

You may have noticed that I’m taking a blogging hiatus . . .

I’ve been so busy with my full-time work, I just haven’t been able to spend a lot of time on the blog lately. This is likely to continue for some time.

I’m still with Creative Memories, and you can still shop with me in person or on my website. You can stay tuned for updates on this site in the future, sign up for my monthly newsletter, or like my Facebook page to see everything that’s going on right now.

Back to Digi Scrapping

Note: The information in this post is a little dated! Artisan and Historian are still great pieces of software, but they are now owned and managed by the company FOREVER. I’m an ambassador there and would welcome any questions you have about it!

Did you ever try the Creative Memories software for photo organization/editing and digital scrapbooking? I LOVED using StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager!!! In fact, I have loved it and missed it so much since then that I finally went ahead and signed up as a Panstoria affiliate.

Panstoria is the company that now supports the software that used to be called StoryBook Creator (now called Artisan) and Memory Manager (now called Historian). These programs are pretty much exactly the same as the most recent StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager programs that Creative Memories used to have, so I’m stoked to get back into them! They are both SO easy to use. I LOVE IT!

I have a couple years worth of photos that I haven’t been backing up…so keep your fingers crossed that I don’t lose them before I can get everything into Historians!

Mostly, though, I’m SO looking forward to importing all my old Creative Memories content (Artisan lets you use your CM digital content!!!) and getting started designing my invitations, digital scrapbook pages, calendars, and monthly e-newsletter using Artisan.

Wish me luck! And feel free to join me by purchasing the software using one of the links in this post or by becoming a Panstoria, Inc. affiliate yourself!

Panstoria Artisan digital scrapbooking software

My Biz, My Way

It’s a Thursday afternoon. I’m wrapping up at my full-time job and texting tonight’s host to let her know how pumped I am to come teach a card class at her house in a few hours.

After I tie up some loose ends and log off my work email account, I’m looking through my card class checklist. I’ll get the supplies and tools I need, pack them into my car, and head out soon so I can help my host and her four guests create the cards I’ve designed using fantastic CM tools and papers.

I think I’ll make a few sales at this card class tonight, but I’m not too worried about it. The fact that I don’t have to meet a minimum sales requirement as a CM Independent Advisor takes a lot of the pressure off! I’ve ordered what I need and what I know I’ll sell (mostly the components for my card class) and then I’ll share my website link so people can buy from me and have their items shipped straight to them.

At the class, I’m getting to know some new people and catching up with an old friend over scrapbook paper and a Corner Rounder. My chatty students will probably only finish half the cards tonight, but that’s ok. I’ve put together instructions that they can follow on their own if there are any cards they need to put together later, and they have my phone number in case they need to use one of my tools or ask a question.

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