Spring Blog Hop: Treat Bags

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Welcome to the Creative Life Scrapbooking Spring Blog Hop!!! I’m so excited to kick off this hop and start you on your trip to visit a bunch of amazing ladies sharing some fun, crafty ideas this month!

I’ve made some quick and easy treat bags using the Border Maker System and a bit of digital artwork. Supplies:

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February Blog Hop: Upcycled Hybrid Valentines

Hi everyone, and thanks for joining the Creative Life Scrapbookers’ blog hop this month! To find out more about what we’re doing and what’s coming up, you should like our Facebook page. 🙂

If you’re hopping through all our blogs, you probably arrived here from D. Brinsley’s Memory Keeping Blog. Read through to the bottom of this post to find your next stop!

Even though I don’t usually scrapbook Valentine’s Day stuff (honestly, I’m not a big fan of the holiday…it comes from many years of singlehood…but that’s a story for another time), I do really enjoy the colors that come along with the day! p1030246

Since I knew I wouldn’t be making a layout, I had to find another fun way to use some of my new crafty stuff. I noodled on a few ideas, but nothing seemed quite awesome enough.

One day, while drinking my Diet Coke with lunch, it struck me that these little 12oz bottles would be adorable repurposed and decorated as Valentine gifts for the kids my husband and I teach each week at church. INSPIRATION!

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Grandma’s Digital Photos

Once upon a time in a land not very far away, there lived a grandma who took lots of photos with her phone. She had photos of her dog, photos from vacations, photos taken during weddings and other family events, and (most importantly) photos of the cutest granddaughter ever. For two long years she snapped and shared and reviewed hundreds of photos each month on her trusty phone. Her phone was right there all the time, and it was so easy to use…why wouldn’t she take and store all her photos there?

Then one day, a HORRIBLE thing happened: the grandma accidentally deleted her ENTIRE “photos” folder from the phone!

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Back to Digi Scrapping

Note: The information in this post is a little dated! Artisan and Historian are still great pieces of software, but they are now owned and managed by the company FOREVER. I’m an ambassador there and would welcome any questions you have about it!

Did you ever try the Creative Memories software for photo organization/editing and digital scrapbooking? I LOVED using StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager!!! In fact, I have loved it and missed it so much since then that I finally went ahead and signed up as a Panstoria affiliate.

Panstoria is the company that now supports the software that used to be called StoryBook Creator (now called Artisan) and Memory Manager (now called Historian). These programs are pretty much exactly the same as the most recent StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager programs that Creative Memories used to have, so I’m stoked to get back into them! They are both SO easy to use. I LOVE IT!

I have a couple years worth of photos that I haven’t been backing up…so keep your fingers crossed that I don’t lose them before I can get everything into Historians!

Mostly, though, I’m SO looking forward to importing all my old Creative Memories content (Artisan lets you use your CM digital content!!!) and getting started designing my invitations, digital scrapbook pages, calendars, and monthly e-newsletter using Artisan.

Wish me luck! And feel free to join me by purchasing the software using one of the links in this post or by becoming a Panstoria, Inc. affiliate yourself!

Panstoria Artisan digital scrapbooking software